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About us

Toneboard (Techstars London ’17) is a leader in analytics and data technologies with a world-class academic and professional background in AI. Our team has strong previous experience in the implementation of enterprise-level technologies for some of UK’s largest companies.

Martins Vaivars
Martins Vaivars

Ex-Head of Finance of Infogram (acquired by Prezi). Worked as a consultant for L.E.K. in London. Oxford graduate in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Linkedin

Arturs Prieditis
Arturs Prieditis

Technology obsessive with experience in the delivery of enterprise software solutions at HP Autonomy. Cambridge graduate in Computer Science. Linkedin

Vladimirs Murevics
Dr. Vladimirs Murevics
Technical Advisor

Currently quant at Goldman Sachs. Used to work in R&D at HP Autonomy. PhD in Applied Mathematics from Oxford. Linkedin