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Helping lenders
by using automated speech analytics

Understand the creditworthiness of your loan applicants and optimise your debt collection process with automatic phone call analysis


Speech audio is a cheap, easily available data source that can be used to score thin-file borrowers as well as debtors in both developing and developed markets, unlocking a huge market opportunity.

Improve returns

Phone calls contain hints on applicants' background, character and emotional state that help you get your credit scoring decisions right, thus improving lending returns. Toneboard uses speech analytics to identify these hints.

Serve the unbanked

Millions of people around the world have limited access to credit markets due to no credit history or official proof of income. Using speech data for assessing risk provides a way of serving these customers while earning good returns.

Segment customers

Toneboard provides the data you need to conduct highly targeted marketing or debt collection campaigns. Limit your marketing spend to customers likely to convert and limit debt collection to borrowers unlikely to repay.

About us

At Toneboard we want to solve the problem of financial inclusion. More than 2 billion people worldwide have limited access to formal financial services due to lack of reliable credit history or proof of income. Speech analytics will be a crucial step towards solving this problem.


Martins Vaivars, CEO

Ex-Head of Finance of Infogram, data visualisation startup. Worked as a consultant for L.E.K. in London. Oxford grad.

Arturs Prieditis, CTO

Professional with experience in the delivery of enterprise software solutions at HP Autonomy. Cambridge grad.

Vladimirs Murevics, CRO

PhD student in Applied Math at Oxford. Worked as a developer for HP Autonomy. Interested in data and machine learning.

Aleksandrs Sorokins, Head of Research

PhD in Quantum Physics with keen interest in deep learning and blockchain technologies.

Contact Us

  • martins@toneboard.com
  • Techhub Riga, Sporta iela 2, Riga, Latvia, LV-1013